Eddy Andrews

Eddy Andrews is a local handyman who has been in construction for his entire life. He provides services within the local area and ensures that he offers reasonable prices, efficient services, and is always on time. He offers a wide range of handyman services to Perth and locals living in the surrounding area, including tiling, decks, bathroom renovations, pergolas, painting, and maintenance of the entire property. Having over 20 years of experience, he is the right person to go to for handyman services.

At Handyman Eddy, the main focus is on quality. The company ensures that the services offered are high quality and at a competitive price for all clients. For them, there is no big or small job. The company ensures that every job is done to perfection and the client is satisfied with the results. Eddy Andrews offers you the best handyman services at an affordable price for those looking for a professional and reliable handyman.

Why you should choose Eddy Andrews

• Client satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, Eddy Andrews strives to deliver high-quality services, which means that their target is to satisfy the clients. Client satisfaction is the ultimate concern, and with Eddy Andrews, this is guaranteed. All you need is to get a handy form online and fill it out to get a hold of him.

• A one-stop shop

Eddy Andrews offers a wide range of handyman services from decks to tiling, painting, and property maintenance. It is the right place to go to for any handyman-related job.

• Free consultation

Eddy Andrews offers a free consultation, which is ideal for customers and attracts many clients as well. Some companies will want to be paid a fee for any consultation, which is different from Eddy Andrews. With Eddy Andrews, any information you might need about handyman services is done for free.