The Things A Handyman Cant Do

Utilising the services of a handyman can help homeowners to save time, while also ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards. However, it is important that every handyman has the right level of insurance to not only protect themselves but also the clients that they are working with.

As a highly experienced handyman, Eddy Andrews has taken a closer look at what kind of insurance is required.

Public Liability Insurance

The first thing that every handyman will need is public liability insurance. No matter whether they are a sole individual like Eddy Andrews or part of a larger franchise, this is an essential requirement. A handyman will be carrying out a wide range of tasks across commercial and residential properties, so they need to ensure that they are covered in the event of an accident occurring.

Public liability insurance will cover them for any injury to a third party or damage to third party property. Whether it might be someone tripping over your electric cords or a tin of paint tipping over and damaging someone’s carpet, this type of insurance will ensure the handyman will not face any financial burden.

Tool insurance

While public liability insurance is crucial, another important kind of insurance that every handyman like Eddy Andrews should have, is insurance for their tools. From drills and screwdrivers to lawnmowers and jet washers, a handyman will have a wide range of tools, and being without them can stop them from being able to work.

However, they are also an expensive asset which makes them a very attractive target for thieves. Making sure that they are insured will guarantee that handymen are not facing a financial loss should they be stolen.

Car insurance

A handyman like Eddy Andrews will be working for multiple clients across a wide area. This makes a car a vital requirement. As with any driver, vehicle insurance is a legal requirement, and it is crucial that workers are getting the right level of cover to protect their car for commercial use.

In need of a handyman?

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