Real Estate Agency #1

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Project summary

The director of a relatively successful local Real Estate Agency contacted our team with respect to removing four reviews on his Google My Business listing that he considered being false and highly defamatory.

The business was subject to false reviews from tenants who had been evicted for failure to pay their rent and for damage to the property. Upon eviction, a flurry of reviews was published by new accounts with no previous review history.

Our team provided the client a fee proposal and upon acceptance, begin the works.

The Strategy

Our team worked with the client to identify the false nature of each statement and to obtain information that would support such a claim.

The content in question was not dissimilar from thousands of reviews we had removed previously and as such, we were able to draw upon these successes to place an application to Google that would carry the highest chance of success.

The Outcome

Originally, we considered the matter to be quite straightforward. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Our team encountered significant resistance from Google, despite the content being deserving of removal.

After three months or persistent effort, we successfully removed the four URL’s/Reviews of concern.


  1. We assisted the client with removing another 4 reviews that had been posted over the duration of the works, by the same disgruntled tenants;
  2. We also removed content on a site called DON’T RENT ME. The review was left by the same disgruntled tenants.

URL's removed


Total content removed

Days taken

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