Local handyman Eddy Andrews is launching an exciting new internship in partnership with local schools and colleges. The exciting opportunity will be open to school leavers looking to develop their skills and knowledge in construction and trade, allowing them to work closely with Eddy and his team, learning on the job in a real-world scenario.

Since launching Eddy Andrews Handyman Services, Eddy has been able to establish an enviable reputation in the local community for unrivalled quality and exceptional customer service. The local area has always been at the heart of what Eddy does and he is always looking to give back wherever he can.

This latest internship scheme is his way to build on this connection even further while also being able to support youngsters looking to start their careers in certain trades or in the construction industry. The unique new scheme will be open to all school leavers or college students looking to support their learning in a real-world environment.

Interns will be able to work directly with Eddy Andrews and his team across their entire spectrum of handyman services. This includes areas such as repairing damage around the home or workplace, construction, renovation and decorating, alongside more specialist trades, including electrics and carpentry. This broad spectrum of services will give these youngsters a comprehensive grounding that will serve them well as they progress through their careers.

The internship will run for three months initially, allowing these youngsters to get a thorough understanding of what a handyman does. For successful and hardworking applicants, there is a possibility that the internship will be able to turn into a full-time position at Eddy Andrews Handyman Services.

Eddy Andrews wants to give youngsters the very best start in life, equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to become a success. In an industry that can often be unscrupulous, Eddy is striving to be as fair and as honest as possible, which is why he will be paying each intern the standard apprentice rate for a handyman.

Speaking on the launch of the new internship scheme, Eddy Andrews said, “I know how hard it can be to get your first steps in the world of construction. Learning a trade requires support and advice from seniors in their field, and the launch of this internship scheme is designed to give youngsters from the local school and colleges a chance to experience real-world trades and begin their careers.

Our entire team will be working closely with each intern, showing them the skills and tricks of the trade as well as helping to answer any questions that they have along the way. While the initial scheme is for three months, for those individuals that are putting in the hard work and demonstrating their enthusiasm for the industry, there is also going to be the chance to join our team on a full-time basis.”

To find out more about the Eddy Andrews internship scheme or to learn about the wide array of services that the team is able to provide, send us a message via the contact page.