Eddy Andrews: The MANY MEN

Eddy Andrews is a local handyman and has been in construction business for a long time. Andrews helps people solve most household problems from repairs, construction, painting, renovation, electrical, and even carpentry. Eddy Andrews helps with big and small projects, and the services are offered 24hours, seven days a week. It is a reliable service provider that can be contacted anytime if you need help. The best thing about using Eddy Andrew’s handyman services is that you get free consultations and estimates. You will also get your response within 24 hours. Here are some of the services offered by Eddy Andrews.

i. Repairs

Often, people can get damages within the house, whether in the sink, toilet, septic tanks, and many more. Eddie Andrew is a step outside your home, and all you need to do is contact them. They work 24 hours, and this means that regardless of what time it is, as long as you need the service, you will have the damage repaired.

ii. Constructions

Eddy Andrews’s handy man services include constructions and are not only the house but everything within your compound. Eddy Andrew can work on your backyard lawn, builds the house from the floors to the ceiling. They also paint the walls, lay and repair floors, and much more within the home. These handyman services can get your house ready before you move in.

iii. Electrical

Eddy Andrews’s handyman services can install your electricity and fix any problem that is electricity-related. Many providers can offer this service, but Eddy Andrew is recommendable because their services are reliable and can reach you any time of the day.


In conclusion, for any problem in your house, whether broken sinks or worn out floors and walls, Eddy Andrews has got your back and is available to handle any of the above mentioned issues.